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What is Osiris?

Osiris is a solution providing indoor mapping and APIs to access indoor GIS data. It is targeted to small / medium projects (smart buildings and campuses) and is provided as a software package ready to be installed and used.

Building data is sent as vector information, making easy the creation of applications representing your venues .

Osiris provides an additional Points of Interest API which can be used to point external outdoor places or services.

A batch process generates a map in Mapsforge format that can be used to display the outdoor maps in your application.

Indoor maps for Smart Cities

The prefect solution for smart buildings and campuses.

Create your maps

Osiris uses Open Street Map data format for input. It is easy to create indoor maps using JOSM and upload the result file to the server.

Sample Android application

See how to use Osiris downloading the sample code from Github. The demo application will display your buildings and the surrounding area.

Build your server

Get the distributable binary or build the source code. Deploy the package on your server and make use of the REST APIs to connect your applications.

Use our services

Forget about the maintenance and upgrade problems using the solutions through our own cloud. Contact us, how can we help you?