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Osiris blog and documentation available

Feb 24, 2016 • Guillermo Amat

As you can see, we are starting a new blog to support this project. We will try to write some use cases and examples to clarify how we use and how anyone can use Osiris.

To get an idea of the possibilities offered by Osiris, here you can find a screenshot of one of our applications. On it there are two points of interest outside the building, the indoor layout and the level selector. All of this can be shown due to the information requested from Osiris.

But first, let’s speak about documentation. Now you have available a link to the API reference on the top menu of this site. There you will see all the methods you can use to build your applications. To briefly explain what you will find in that page, we are going to see how the methods are organized:

The list of methods is as follows

API Method URL
METADATA GET /osiris/geolocation/territory/map/metadata
MAP GET /osiris/geolocation/territory/map/file
FEATURES DELETE /osiris/geolocation/territory/feature/{idFeature}
FEATURES GET /osiris/geolocation/territory/feature/{idFeature}
FEATURES POST /osiris/geolocation/territory/feature
FEATURES PUT /osiris/geolocation/territory/feature/{idFeature}
SEARCH POST /osiris/geolocation/territory/search

Now is time to try yourself, download the sandbox and follow the instructions to create a sample project.